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The Georgian Harmony Choir - Sacred Georgian Chants
A compilation of songs and chants from the war-torn region. The music reflects the vigor and beauty of polyphonic chants from one of the oldest Christian countries. The Georgian Harmony Choir was founded in 2006 by Nana Peradze. Its members are passionate amateurs and professionals from Georgian origins.
Price: $ 9.99
The Georgian Harmony Choir Easter Processional - 04:13 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
The Georgian Harmony Choir Matins Stichera - 02:51 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
The Georgian Harmony Choir O come, let us worship - 01:28 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
The Georgian Harmony Choir Thou art the Vine or better Thou art the Vineyard - 04:56 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
The Georgian Harmony Choir Troparion of the Cross - 03:19 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
The Georgian Harmony Choir Trisagion (Thrice Holy) - 02:47 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
The Georgian Harmony Choir Kontakion of Saint Nino - 03:33 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
The Georgian Harmony Choir As many of you who have been baptized into Christ - 02:27 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
The Georgian Harmony Choir Alleluia - 01:53 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
The Georgian Harmony Choir O Heavenly King - 02:45 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
The Georgian Harmony Choir Christmas Chant - 01:40 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
The Georgian Harmony Choir Cherubic Hymn - 07:05 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
The Georgian Harmony Choir Cherubic Hymn-Conclusion - 01:44 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
The Georgian Harmony Choir Litany for the Deceased - 05:24 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
The Georgian Harmony Choir Easter Troparion - 01:48 $ 0.99 Buy this Song

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Title: Review
Review:   Georgian chant has a history that reaches back to the earliest Christian times--Georgia being the first country to accept Christianity. Georgian Christianity has a rich history of liturgical worship and theology, and developed it's own specific chant form. Georgian music has a haunting, piercing sound. Its liturgical music offers an Orthodox musical tradition that escapes the polarity between Byzantine chant as preserved in the Greek tradition, the traditional Znamenny chant of Russia and various "westernized" forms of relatively recent introduction into Orthodoxy (e.g., Obikhod). Georgian liturgical music is, fascintingly, trinitarian in its structure: it has a three-part structure different than than the one part (with ison) of Byzantine and Znamenny chant or the westernized four part harmonies of post-Petrine Russia. This recording, will introduce the western listener to a hauntingly beautiful and mystical polyphonic chant form. The Georgian Harmony Choir performs exquisitely, with a counterpoint of male and female voices seldom heard in Eastern Orthodox liturgical chant. For instance, the counterpoint in the Cherubic hymn is exquisite, while the whole hymn is perfomred with a softness and sensitivity that makes you think of a feather floating in the air; certainly a musical feeling appropriate to the lyric ""that we may receive the King of All."" Many hymns aren't recognizable to the traditional Byzantine ear--for instance, the Troprion of the Cross. On the other hand, the Trisagion Hymn, like the Cherubic Hymn, is recognizable by the shared theological content presented in its liturgical expression. This is a delightful and edifying recording, and one that will broaden your appreciation of the range and beauty of Christian chant."
Name:  Benjamin Williams

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