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Konevets Quartet - Let my prayer arise
A collection of liturgical hymns, principally from the Vespers-Divine Liturgy cycle, but with some festal hymns. Konovets Quartet was founded in 1992 by four young musicians from the St. Petersburg Conservatory who were singing in the choir of the Konovets Monastery of the Holy Nativity on the island of Konovets in Lake Ladoga. All members of the ensemble studied at the Leningrad Choir school, and is a chamber choir dedicated to creating a perfect harmonious ensemble sound. At the heart of their repertoire is Russian Church music, from ancient material written for the monasteries, to works by 20th century composers. Additionally, their concert programs often include a variety of Russian folk songs and military songs--songs which were all but lost during Soviet times. They have toured widely in the US and Europe.
Price: $ 9.99
Konevets Quartet Hymn to the Holy Spirit - 02:45 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
Konevets Quartet Let My Prayer Arise - 04:12 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
Konevets Quartet Our Father-Greek chant - 01:47 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
Konevets Quartet Troparion of the Nativity - 01:08 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
Konevets Quartet I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever - 03:30 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
Konevets Quartet Holy God - 03:01 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
Konevets Quartet The Good Thief-Burmagin - 02:32 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
Konevets Quartet No one who hath recourse to Thee - 01:49 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
Konevets Quartet Now the Powers of Heaven - 03:09 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
Konevets Quartet Arise, O God - 02:35 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
Konevets Quartet We hymn Thee - 01:31 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
Konevets Quartet The Good Thief-Taneev - 01:37 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
Konevets Quartet Why Hast Thou Case Me Away From Thy Face - 03:17 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
Konevets Quartet Revealing to Thee the pre-eternal counsel - 03:13 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
Konevets Quartet Our Father-Tchaikovsky - 01:47 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
Konevets Quartet My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord - 03:29 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
Konevets Quartet Glory to God in the highest - 08:25 $ 0.99 Buy this Song
Konevets Quartet It is truly meet - 02:07 $ 0.99 Buy this Song

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Review:   The Konevets Quartet was one of the finest ensembles at our inaugural 2011 Serenade! Washington DC Choral Festival! (June, 2011). Their four voices filled the halls as if there was a full choir and left audiences astounded. In their sacred works, the quartet encompassed outmost control over their voices creating a pure blend of harmonic tones and timbres. Performances of the traditional Russian folk songs emulated true authenticity and enticed audiences with every song! Bravo!
Name:  Yarina Conners, Classical Movements

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